Title: Parking Special Permit

Type: Request

Type: SSD – Security Services Request

Your Enquiry: Guideline before writing a request

Please write your request in essay type and state the followings:-

1. Name

2. Staff ID No/Matric No

3. Vehicle Plate Number.

4. Location required

3. Reason for request.

Note : Special parking permit will be issued only for those who having difficulty to walk at long distance due to medical treatment, disability or pregnancy. Approval are subject to Security Senior Manager/ Security executive jurisdiction.

Special permit are non-transferable (Vehicle or people). You are required to display special permit at all times to avoid any traffic circumstances.

Validity of the special permit is subject to jurisdiction by Security Senior Manager/Executive. Kindly renew the special permit one week before expired.

Do not hesitate to contact our office for more details.

Click here to download Special Permit Application Form