Updated on : 13 March 2024


1. How do can I check availabilities of classroom?

Please check the availability of the required room at

(Gateway > Timetable > Course Timetable > Location Timetable > Select Location > Select Period > View Timetable)

Then lodge a case in the Unified Customer Service (UCS) Portal.


2. How to book a classroom for academic and non-academic activity?

a) Academic activity – Request can be made by staff only.

b) Non-academic activity – Request can be made by both staff and student.


Terms and Condition:

1. Booking requisition MUST be made at least seven (7) working days before the event/class starts.

2. An applicant is allowed to book the classroom for two (2) weeks period only. Should he/she intend to extend the booking, he/she need to lodge a new request through UCS.

3. For non-academic activity, the applicant need to attach the event memo signed by the event advisor and approved by Centre for Student Development (CSD) for the event to be conducted. The memo shall include objective of the event, venue, date and name of the event.

 4. For pre-event activity (meeting, training, rehearsal, etc), the specific memo/letter mentioning the venue required, date and name of the pre-event activity signed by the event advisor should be provided.

5. The approved memo shall valid for one (1) month only for classroom booking purpose.

6. ACS will process the booking requisition within five (5) working days.

7. Upon ACS approval, the applicant MUST lodge to UCS Portal to inform related parties regarding accessibility of classroom, electricity, air conditioning and IT equipment where necessary:

a) Security – Accessibility of classroom

b) PMMD - For electricity and air conditioning

c) DigIT – For IT equipment

8. No F&B shall be arranged/ serve inside the classroom. 


Kindly lodge your request to Unified Customer Service (UCS) Portal. You may refer to the guideline provided as follows:

Title    : Classroom Booking for (state the purpose)

Type     :  Request

Subject : Academic Operation – Classroom Booking 

Your Enquiry : Please provide the following information:

1.  Name of Applicant:

2.  Staff/ Students ID No:

3.  Department:

4.  Phone Number:

5.  Club represented: (for non –academic activity only)

6.  Requisition Details:

i.     Date of Event/ Class :

ii.    Time : From ____ to  ____

iii.   Purpose of Booking :

iv.   Specific Rooms Needed :

v.    No of Participants Expected :


Attach Files:

1. Event Memo (for non-academic activity) MUST be endorsed/ signed by advisor/ coordinator club and approved by Centre for Student Development (CSD), including booking details as per requisition above.

2. For pre-event activity such as committee meeting, rehearsal, training and etc, the specific memo mentioning the name of the pre-event activity, purpose and date should be provided.


3. How do I change or cancel the booking?

Kindly log your changes or cancel request to Unified Customer Service (UCS) Portal as soon as possible.