New Student - Student Visa Online Application Guideline

1. For any enquiries, kindly log a case through UCS portal under REG - International Student Visa Office


2. STEP 1: Prepare the required documents

*Refer to the list of countries requiring to submit the Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.

3. STEP 2: Apply Online Visa & Pay Directly to EMGS

(Please ensure the provided information are fill accurately and correctly) as stated in guideline

  • Pay directly to EMGS account
  • Track your visa application status after one (1) week of created application.
  • EMGS will request for application & payment approval from Institution. Note: If documents submitted to EMGS are not the same as submitted to UTP during application, your EMGS visa applications will be rejected.
  • Visa application approved by Immigration Department of Malaysia at 70% completed and electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) are ready for download

*Note: The issuance of VAL process approximately to complete within one month

  • Print eVAL in colour copy for step 3.

4. STEP 3: Apply SEV & Arrange travelling to Malaysia

  • Apply Single Entry Visa (SEV) at the nearest Embassy of Malaysia in your home country before leaving the country *Location as stated in the eVAL (Contact the embassy to confirm the required documents for SEV).
  • Countries without Malaysia Representative Office need to obtain Visa on Arrival for Student (VOAS)* at VOA counter located at Arrival Hall / Malaysia entry point (KLIA) upon arrival. Check for list of countries granted VOAS.

*If you have any queries about the procedure, email to
*NOTE: Please plan travel arrangements FOUR (4) WEEKS BEFORE registration date.
Student MUST travel to Malaysia as single traveller. Student are NOT allowed to bring DEPENDANTS before student pass endorsement from Immigration Malaysia is OBTAINED.


5. STEP 4: Arrival to Malaysia

  • Students are advised to plan their travel to Malaysia on weekday mornings if possible.
  • Upon arrival at Malaysia (Immigration counter) show your eVAL, SEV and Offer Letter to the Immigration Officer. The Special Pass stamp will be endorsed by the Immigration for 30 days.

Within the 30 days period of the Special Pass, you are required to complete the following step to obtain a Student Pass endorsement:

    1. Report to Admission, Records & Marketing (ARM) Office at Ground floor, Block F as soon as possible (weekdays only) and proceed for post-arrival medical check-up at EMGS Registered Panel Clinic:
    2. Track your medical check-up status through EMGS website
    3. Visa application status will change to 80% completed for Medical PASSED while FAILED medical report are show REJECTED and student allowed to make an appeal. The appeal cost will be borne by students.
    4. Students will not be register as UTP student if they FAIL the appeal. UTP Offer Letters will be revoked and students need to make arrangement to leave the Malaysia before Entry Stamp (Special Pass from KLIA) expires.
    5. Submit documents for STUDENT PASS ENDORSEMENT at International Student Visa Office (ISVO) at Registry Block F as soon as students PASS the medical screening.
    6. Student registration to be done at Admission, Records & Marketing (ARM) only upon receiving the Student Pass.

NOTE: It should take 22 working days (or minimum 4 weeks) upon receiving complete documents for student pass endorsement. The student pass application must acquire Supporting Letter from EMGS prior to submission at Immigration State Department. If student exit Malaysia (for any reason) without completing the student pass endorsement, your VAL and SEV will be VOID. You must cancel the previous VAL, apply new VAL and repeat the same process if you required to obtain for student pass again.

[Reference: Admission, Records & Marketing (ARM), 2021]