Student Pass Expired More Than 90 Days


1. I am in my home country and my student pass had expired more than 90 days. What should I do as my appeal to extend my study had been approved?

According to the rules and regulation by the Immigration Malaysia, you need to apply a new application to get a new student pass. The application needs to be made through EMGS system via the universities.

2. How long is the process?

The process duration for new application is within 90 days to be completed upon submission to EMGS.

3. Who should I liaise with?

Please notify ISVO at and provide the documents below to apply for a new student pass:

No.Checklist DocumentsUG StudentsPG Students
1.Passport Photo
2Proof of online payment to EMGS
  • Payee: EMGS Escrow Account 1
  • Account Number: 514057662341
  • Bank: MAYBANK
  • Refer: Visa Form
2.Proof of online payment to UTP Finance
  • UTP Online Payment
BankCIMB Berhad
PayeeUniversiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Bank Account No.8004857910
  • Total Payment:
    • UTP Processing Fee                                    RM 1,181.00
    • Student Pass                                                RM       60.00
    • MEV - Depend on Country                       MEV Fee Table
3.Admission Offer LetterYou may request from our Admission unit. Refer link: UTP Application Forms - Offer Letter
4.Academic Transcript
  • For all semester
  • Request for Centre of Graduate Studies (CGS) online form at link:UTP CGS Forms Form 004, Visa Renewal Related Letter
5.Attendance Report

  • For all semester
  • Request from ​​CADEX Department. Please email to Mdm. Norissam Idris -
6.Passport copy for all pages includes cover
  • A copy of passport must be in color page
  • Passport must be valid at least 18 months.
7.Health Declaration Form
8Supporting Document – If applicable
  • Deferment Letter
  • Approval Letter/ Email Proof to Reinstate your studies


4. I had submitted my documents to ISVO. What are the next steps?

  • You may Check Application Status to monitor your application progress
  • For private students, you may check your application in the EMGS after seven (7) working days you received the confirmation email
  • For sponsor students, you may check your application in the EMGS after 14-21 working days you received the confirmation email
  • EMGS will only process your application once they receive the payment receipt

5. When can I enter Malaysia?

You need to wait until your electronic Visa Approval Letter (VAL) has been issued by the Immigration Malaysia. Once the VAL is issued, you also need to apply Single Entry Visa (SEV) at the nearest Malaysian Embassy before you enter Malaysia.
If you enter Malaysia using social pass before the issuance of VAL and SEV, you need to exit Malaysia and return back to your home country as Ipoh State Immigration Department will not process and issue your new student pass.


6. I have arrived in Malaysia using SEV and obtained the VAL. What are the next steps?

  • You will be given a special pass for 30 days at  KLIA Immigration
  • Please report to ISVO’s office and do a medical check-up at any EMGS panel clinic. Check this link: Education Malaysia Global Services
  • Should you pass the medical check-up (progress 80%), please submit your passport to ISVO for the endorsement of your new student pass at Ipoh State Immigration Department
  • ISVO will notify through your UTP email should the passport is ready for collection
  • Should you fail the medical check-up, you may make an appeal and do 2nd medical check-up. However, should you fail this time, you are required to return to your home country before the expiry of the special pass.